Methamphetamine (commonly known as Ice) testing involves one swab taken from multiple walls in the building and one swab taken from soft furnishings (carpets for example), and can be booked separately without a full building inspection.

The test is qualitative (a yes or no result) rather than quantitative (the level of contamination in the building).
A negative result gives you peace of mind in relation to the adverse effects of this drug especially on children.
If, however a positive result is indicated there are a number of options you can choose from.


Firstly Methamphetamine is water soluble and so a good scrub of walls and steam cleaning of soft furnishings can eliminate the problem. Secondly you may wish to evaluate the levels of contamination in the building which would entail enlisting the services of a quantitative testing contractor. This service can generally discern between usage of the contaminant in the building and MANUFACTURE of the contaminant in the building.

Whichever option you choose to take we can assist with your decision making process, and where needed, help you to find a quantitative contaminant testing facility.